The House of Rothschild

The House of Rothschild was a movie produced in 1934 by Joseph Schenck at 20th Century Pictures that starred several big name actors including George Arliss and Boris Karloff. In a nutshell, the film confirms the conspiracy theory which students of The New World Order have long held in regard to the Rothschilds! It's all in the movie; the Frankfurt born Patriarch Mayer Amschel Rothschild establishing the Banking Empire, the conspiratorial business dealings, the Jewish ethno-centrism, the branching out of the five brothers to the Capitals of Europe, the war-profiteering, and European statesmen literally begging Nathan Rothschild for money to fight Napoleon. Even Rothschild's buying-up of the London Stock Market at rock-bottom prices is depicted, although the film portrays it as the accidental byproduct of Rothschild effort to "save" the market from crashing - not the advance insider information which he had about the final outcome of the Battle of Waterloo.  

Although the Rothschilds are sympathetically portrayed as victims of "Anti-Semitism" it is still remarkable that this film which is, for the most part, historically accurate was ever produced in Hollywood. Let alone by Jewish producers. It could never happen today! Evidently, people were even less aware of the Rothschild "conspiracy theory" back then than they are today so Hollywood must have felt safe in making the film.

Xaviant Haze

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